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Rings are a staple in everyone’s jewelry collection, making the perfect addition to any look. Whether you’re after something to make everyday that little bit special, or something to make you stand out in the crowd. No matter the occasion, Jewelry Unlimited has the perfect ring for you. Our extensive ring collection makes use of the finest precious metals and materials, to bring you a collection including gold rings to designer rings and everything in between. Refresh your hands' candy this season with Jewelry Unlimited’s selection of women rings. Encompassing feminine engagement, Eternity, Trio Set, 3 Stone rings and more. Our diverse edit has something for every style.


Engagement rings are a beautiful reminder of your love. Our diamond engagement rings hold a simple promise of eternal love and represent the timeless bond between two people. Explore a stunning collection of engagement rings to find a ring worthy of wearing forever.

3 Stone

More than merely beautiful, three stone engagement rings are rich with symbolism and personal significance. Three stone diamond rings traditionally represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. Also known as Trinity rings or trilogy rings are rings with three diamonds set horizontally in a row. Popular as both engagement rings and anniversary rings, there are several different styles of three stone diamond rings to choose from.

Wedding Set

Wedding Set signifies your union as a couple. Explore a timeless and classic collection of wedding Set rings. Each elegant set is expertly crafted and reflects your timeless bond. Discover our women's wedding set rings.


Bands signify your union as a couple. Explore a timeless and classic collection of Women’s Bands. Each elegant band is expertly crafted and reflects your timeless bond. Check out our women band ring selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces.

Semi Mount

Simply put, a semi-mount is a ring that does not yet have a center stone but has all the other accents and intricate details. It allows you to choose a band that truly expresses your style then adding the diamond of your dreams! Explore our semi mount ring selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our Semi Mount ring collection.


The perfect way to upgrade the sparkle of an engagement ring, a ring enhancer can boost the quality of a marriage proposal or upgrade an existing engagement ring for the perfect symbol of your love and commitment. For an added boost to a simple, affordable engagement ring, an enhancer can expand the size and appearance of an engagement or wedding ring and blend the two seamlessly.

Trio Set

Your Trio rings don’t just show that you’re married, but who you married. Your vows are authentic, as is ours to craft real diamond and gold Trio ring sets - engagement ring and matching her wedding bands. Discover from our collection of Trio set rings to see what suits you and your partner.


A cocktail ring is an oversized ring with a large center stone and a lot of tiny stones surrounding it. Be bold and be beautiful with a sparkling big cocktail ring on your finger. Fashion rings come in all shapes and sizes and these beauties make a big fashion statement.  Discover your fashion cocktail style from our collection.


An elegant wedding or anniversary ring choice, eternity rings feature diamonds around the entire band as a beautiful way to symbolize your everlasting love. Eternity bands are distinct in their own right because traditionally, they have diamonds around the entire band as oppose to diamonds surrounding half of the band. These diamonds are gracefully placed all around the band in perfect symmetry, making these rings an exquisite and elegant choice.

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  • Engagement Rings by Jewelry Unlimited
    Engagement Rings by  Jewelry Unlimited

    Engagement rings are the most significant piece of jewelry anyone would ever buy. It holds a very important place in everyone’s life. Engagement rings are not just a symbol of elegance, poise or a piece of jewelry or a tag showing your relationship. It is much more than that. It symbolizes commitment and promise of responsibility and love. It shows a new beginning and celebrates the union of two people coming together. For many parts of the world, the ring also represents the coming of two families together. Such is the sacredness attached to it. It is a piece of jewelry that refers to a lot more than just wealth and opulence. No matter how big or small, it’s significance cannot be reduced. For many people, the presence of an engagement ring is more than enough and the size of it does not matter much.

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