Jewelry Unlimited was born of a desire to re-discover the lost art of personalization in an age of mass production and has been leading the way in customized luxury timepieces ever since. Today, the Rolex brand is instantly recognizable as a symbol of absolute prestige, luxury, and innovation across the globe. We offer full personalization of the world’s most iconic watches, including Rolex Presidential Watch. We offer a bespoke customization service that harks back to the boutique craftsmen of the past. Our assortment of Rolex watches consists of prestigious, high precision watches. And the watches offered by us, suit every wrist. Discover our broad selection of watches and experiment with the right combination of style and functionality by shopping for Rolex watches online only from Jewelry Unlimited.

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  • The Best Rolex Watches you can buy in 2021
    The Best Rolex Watches you can buy in 2021

    Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex’s founder, was onto something when he made the Rolex logo a crown. Rolex has remained the king of watches for more than a century now. 

    Rolex is known for delivering exceptional technology pieces creating the world’s most gorgeous watch designs since 1905. Rolex timepieces are the best in the world, and most people believe owning such a treasure amounts to a great privilege. 

    Rolex is renowned for creating classics. The brand has firmly established itself as the utmost pinnacle of refined elegance and luxury as well. When it comes to high standards in the watchmaking world, only Rolex comes to mind. 

    For this reason alone, they are regarded as one of the most influential brands of our time. It also explains why their products are sought after and why you find yourself readin

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  • Real Diamond Watches for Men and Women

    If we look back on history, Diamonds have always been a powerful symbol of luxury, wealth, and status in society. Amongst all the other options for Jewelry, diamonds are preferred the most. On the other hand, watches have always been interpreted as high class and stylish at the same time. 


    So, what happens when we put these two together in a deadly combo? Yes, you guessed it right. Diamond Watch is the new hip trend for both men and women, and how! Both genders have started appreciating the value of 

    Diamond watches not only because they are a smart investment but also because of the amazing craftsmanship and style that goes with them. 


    Diamond watches are in itself an underrated art form. 


    It takes a lot of skilled hours at work to curate that watch you would be willing to gift to your significant other. Hence, not only have they been a popular choice of gift for a loved one, but they also serve the purpose of self-care just a

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  • Jewelry Unlimited's Top Picks Of 8 Unique Luxury Watches For Your 2020
    Jewelry Unlimited's Top Picks Of 8 Unique Luxury Watches For Your 2020

    Elegant, Respectable, Timeless, or Classic, there has always been something about a luxury watch that makes a bold statement about both the timepiece & the person carrying it. Some of the most accurate watchmakers around don their thinking caps & create such a unique piece to go under the hammer. In essence, some take part with an established watch sporting a minor modification. 

    In contrast, some others participate with totally "one-off" watches. Timepieces come in a variety of styles, functions & sizes & furnish all your fashion needs related to time & watches & this is where Jewelry Unlimited's exclusive watch collection comes in.

    In this article, we'd like to introduce you to a selection of some favorite watches promoted by Jewelry Unlimited. Each timepiece

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