A pendant with symbolism like keys, hearts, angels is as personal as they are fashionable. Carry the earth’s natural luminance with classy details. At Jewelry Unlimited we have a wide range of yellow, white and rose gold pendants to suit just about any taste. Whether you're looking for a classic chain, an intricately patterned toon pendant, or to express your faith with crosses and other symbols, you're sure to find something you love. Add the final touch to any outfit and style your day with perfectly appointed pendants from our collection. Browse the range online, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Wear Angel Pendant for constant support and help, and to receive blessings throughout your day. When you need a helping hand your Angel is right there to guide and protect you. Praying Hands Angel Pendant paired with complimentary gold chains.


Proudly display your faith with the stunning yellow and white gold pendant. Featuring a depiction of Jesus on the cross, these stunning crucifix will last a lifetime. 3D Cross with diamonds, nail cross, pyramid cross, 1-row cross, ankh cross, clusters only at Jewelry Unlimited.


Jesus Piece has become an iconic pendant, transcending religion to represent good omens and blessings regardless of one’s culture of background. Express yourself with one of our Jesus Pieces. Shop with Jewelry Unlimited for latest design Jesus Pendant crafted in fine metal genuine diamonds.


Express yourself with one of our customs pieces, available in a variety of sizes and styles with endless options for customization so you can make it truly yours. Medallions, Bar pendants, Coin Pendants, much more designs the hottest collection of Hip-Hop jewelry at Jewelry Unlimited.


Toon Pendant is a highly worn piece of iced out jewelry by rap stars, hip hop artists, and those savvy about hip hop fashion. These are an oversized gold, silver or alternative metal pendant encrusted with diamonds in the likeness of Cartoon Characters.


Add a gold or silver alphabet letter pendant to your jewelry collection for an understated personal touch. Pair it with iced out or gold chains for a truly personalized combination. Create name tags initials that can be customized to one word with beautiful necklaces. Buzz it down with trendy name plates initial pendant necklaces.


Choose from a large selection of personalized dog tags and pendants to celebrate any occasion for him and her. Engrave your dog tag pendant with a custom message - a perfect gift that will always be worn and cherished.


Angels are protectors who guide us. Gift your loved one with an angel pendant. We have these them in fashion and fine metal. Gold angel pendant with and without diamonds can be paired with any necklace for any occasion. We also have a variety of gold and diamond angel wing pendant. Shop for diamond angel pendants in 10k, 14k, and 18k white, yellow and rose gold.


Style yourself being religious yet trendy with our beautiful collection of women’s cross pendant that makes any occasion extra-special. A meaningful assortment of the gold cross pendant is handcrafted with the finest diamonds and precious metals for lifetime value.


There's no better way to celebrate your spirituality than by adding a Jesus pendant to your favorite chain. You can wear it every day to give you strength and a considerable boost in style.


An everlasting symbol of love, our heart pendants are expertly crafted. Find sterling silver, gold, diamond and gemstone heart pendants that are perfect for gifting or getting. The collection also includes some heart pendant necklace with real diamonds and colored diamonds.


Each diamond solitaire pendant in our collection is finely crafted in silver or gold, and set with the highest-quality round or cut diamonds. We pride ourselves in creating elegant jewelry for the accomplished woman, whose sophisticated brilliance is only enhanced by that of her jewelry.


Give your jewelry box a much-needed boost courtesy of our edit of designer pendants. Each Designer pendant begins with a moment of inspiration, transforming our diamond muses into covetable designs.


Sometimes the simpler the accessory the better. Choose font or style you love and allow Initials Pendant to create the beautiful Necklace you have been dreaming of. Initial pendants are simple and elegant but make the big fashion statement you want.

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    Are you dreaming of adorning your neck with a mesmerizing real diamond pendant that reflects your unique style and radiates elegance? The quest for the perfect carat size is crucial to make your pendant shine and steal hearts wherever you go. But fear not; we're here to guide you on this sparkling journey!

    In this blog post, we'll unravel the mystery of finding the best-carat diamond for your real diamond pendant. From subtle and delicate charms to bold and dazzling statements, we'll explore the ideal carat sizes for every style. Get ready to embrace the brilliance and beauty of a real diamond pendant tailored just for you!

    Understanding Carat Weight for Diamonds

    Carat weight is a standard unit used to measure a diamond's size. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams, or 0.007 ounces. It is essential to note that carat weight alone does not determine a diamond's brilliance;

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    As conventional jewelry trends decrease, a new star is rising in the sky of fashion. Entwined with the fiery brilliance of diamonds, rose gold crafts a harmonious union of timeless elegance and contemporary charm.

    At Jewelry Unlimited, we orchestrate a symphony of creativity, curating an extraordinary ensemble of meticulously crafted real diamond pendants and necklaces. Each design sings a unique melody, embracing individual styles and celebrating the essence of self-expression.

    The everlasting brilliance of real diamond pendants represents the unshakable relationships we appreciate. Continue reading to discover the allure of rose gold diamond jewelry, and become privy to a chorus of styling advice to create gorgeous outfits. Allow us to help you through the careful care

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    In a society where fashion knows no limits, men are enthusiastically embracing diamond jewelry as a compelling way to express their style. Among the array of accessories available, diamond pendants have gained significant popularity among men. Designers are catering to this demand by creating a diverse range of men’s diamond pendant designs, ensuring there is something for every aesthetic preference.

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    Considering Personal Style and Preferences

    Select a pendant that complements your style. Consider whether you want a simple or eye-catching design and whether s

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  • Best Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Precious Gem in Your Life

    Mothers. Sometimes, we are rendered speechless when it comes to describing what mothers are to everyone. How do you tell someone so special how much they mean to you?

    Through jewelry. 

    There isn't a better way to celebrate your precious mother this Mother's Day than by gifting a jewelry piece that symbolizes your unconditional love for her. After all, the best gifts serve no better purpose than sheer pleasure. 

    This year, shop for the best piece of jewelry by browsing through our Mother's Day Jewelry gift ideas and turn your mom speechless with a priceless token! 

    Best Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Let's have some real talk. One day is not enough to show appreciation to the woman who is everything to you and has done everything for you. 

    Whether it is your biological mother, aunt, or elder sister, any woman who has been there for you through thick and thin can

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