Stand out from the crowd with the collection of gold chains and necklaces from Jewelry Unlimited. From bright, statement pieces to simple, classic chains, we have something to suit every outfit. Our collection is Adorned with color, metal accents, and crystals, & have something for every style and personal taste. Whether you’re spoiling your mum, girlfriend, sister or yourself, our collection of necklaces will add the finishing touch to any wardrobe. Discover tennis chains, choker, graduated and rosary chains, perfect to take you from day to night. Choose from a range of collection and Reveal your presence!


Gold Chains( bonded, 10K, 14K,18K)

Choosing the right gold chain design is a vital part of your entire look. Our exquisite collection of gold chains for men and women are created with premium craftsmanship. Here you will find designs like Franco, Cuban, rope, moon cut and much more with different size for the discerning wearer.

Silver Chains

We stock a wide range of silver jewelry so you really are spoilt for choice. More affordable than white gold or platinum, silver jewelry looks lovely with colored gemstones as well as cubic zirconia and diamonds, making it the go-to option for both male and female jewelry lovers.

Tennis chains

One of the largest selections of Diamond Tennis Chains on the internet.  No matter the budget you have a Tennis Chain for you. Classic diamond tennis chains are available in 4 prongs, Toni, Cluster, and Illusion set.  With its simple versatile style, these are fit for Men or Ladies. Rappers and celebrities all around the world are wearing Tennis Chains. Here is your chance to get tennis chains with the same look and feel.


Featuring a wide variety of hip-hop Cuban styles, Jewelry Unlimited is the spot to find the Cuban link chain of your choice. Our collection includes the classic Miami Cuban chains that have been in an evergreen design in the jewelry community.  Also featured are our iced out / bust down Cuban necklaces in pave, prong, channel, and baguette setting. A few of these styles are exclusive to our collection and only available at Jewelry Unlimited. Wear it as a choker or a stand-alone chain, Cuban chains are perfect for every occasion.

Stainless Steel

Browse the finest collection of stainless steel necklaces for men here at Jewelry Unlimited. Ideal to be used when exposed to the water or sea as is corrosion proof. Supplied in an array of sizes and can be bought in a range of 1-meter lengths..


Designed for the contemporary woman, rosary chains by Jewelry Unlimited are sure to give you the ‘Midas touch’ and make you shine. Check out our exclusive rosary bead necklace collection!


Jewelry that can amplify your neckline from being elegant to bold and beautiful. Check out our graduated gold and diamond necklaces at Jewelry Unlimited designed for every occasion. They are crafted intricately modish, traditional with modern trends.


Style a piece of jewelry that stands out of the crowd with our heavy, iced out choker necklace collection at Jewelry Unlimited. Buzz it down with Cuban, tennis, baguette style choker necklace making you star at an event. A piece of jewelry that adds an extra dash to your outfit.

Gold Chains( bonded, 10K, 14K,18K)

A piece of jewelry that every person would have in their wardrobe is Gold chain. We at Jewelry Unlimited offer you a wide collection of gold chains such as beaded, moon cut, Franco, box chain, Cuban, rope and much more. From pretty, intricate necklaces made in 10K gold chain, 14K, and 18 karat gold, our carefully-selected collection is as diverse as it is stunning.

Silver Chains

Silver is a metal that keeps your clam. An everyday jewelry piece that can be carried off well, uncomplicated and completes your look for every day. Jewelry Unlimited presents a vast array of beautiful sterling silver chain designs, simple, elegant and all that you want in silver!


Up your fashion game with our designer gold chains from Jewelry Unlimited. A piece that speaks for itself and creates a style statement. Pair our designer gold chains with dainty earrings or wear them on their own, there is no way of making these chains look bad.

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