Learn About Breitling Watch Reference / Model Numbers

Have you ever wondered what that obscure 12-digit code was on the back of your Breitling brand watch? Since around 1990, Breitling has utilized a proprietary referencing number for their watches, which can be used to dissect various specifications and attributes about the watch (ie. case material, movement, model type, etc). Below, we've created a simple reference guide in order for you to easily decode the 12-digit code on any Post-1990 Breitling wristwatch.

Breitling Reference Number Example

Example 12-digit code: A7738011/G600

B - Case Material        

47 - Movement Type     

3 - COSC Certification

23 - Model Type            

11 - Case/Bezel Finish 

G - Dial Color              

600 - Dial Style / Design

Reference Number Legend

Below are the various known options for each dissected section of the Breitling reference number.

Case Material (1st digit)

A = Stainless steel bezel & case
B = Stainless steel bezel & case / Gold riders
C = Rose Gold bezel / Stainless steel case
D = Yellow Gold bezel / Stainless steel case
E = Titanium bezel & case
F = 18k Gold bezel / Titanium case
G = White Gold bezel / Stainless steel case
H = 18k Rose Gold bezel & case
 I = N/A (unused)
J = 18k White Gold bezel & case
K = 18k Yellow Gold bezel & case
L = Platinum bezel & case
M = Blacksteel bezel & case
N = N/A (unused)
O = N/A (unused)
P = Platinum bezel & Stainless steel case
Q = N/A (unused)
R = Red Gold bezel & case
S = N/A (unused)
T = Palladium bezel & case

Movement Type (2nd & 3rd digits)

If 10 thru 49 =  Mechanical Movement
If 50 and up = Quartz Movement

COSC Certification (4th digit)

COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) certification is conducted by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, and is utilized to certify the accuracy and precision of Swiss watches. Only 3% of Swiss watches are COSC certified. Read more  about it at Wikipedia. Just about all Breitling model watches utilize either a 0 or 3.

0 = Not COSC Certified
3 = COSC Certified

Model Type (5th & 6th digits)

Unfortunately, there is no specific pattern to distinguish the model type. There are instances where the same numerals are used for different Breitling models, while other times they may be the same.

Case/Bezel Finish (7th & 8th digits)

10 = Satin / Brushed / Titanium finish
11 = No special finish
12 = Polished finish
13 = Satin & Polished sections
53 = Diamond bezel

Dial Color (9th digit)

A = MOP, White, Beige, Ivory, Arctica
B = Black, Anthracite, Diamond Black, Royal Ebony
C = Blue, Moroccan Blue, Meteor, Neptune Blue, Peacock Blue
D = N/A (not utilized)
E = Rhodium
F = Slate, Slate-Grey
G = Silver, Silver Storm
H = Champagne, Amber, Desert Dune
 I = Yellow
J = Smoke Grey
K = Red, Burgundy, Sunset, Rose
L = Green, Turquoise, Laurel Green, Spruce
M = Graphite, Titanium
N = N/A (not utilized)
O = Coral
P = not currently used
Q = Bronze, Havana, Grey Violet, Burnt Oak

Dial Design (10th, 11th, & 12th digits)

Unfortunately, there is no specific pattern to distinguish the dial type used on the watch.