Custom Gold Rolex Watches for Women

Gold Rolex watches for women with diamond bezels are exceptionally famous among ladies, because they offer an additional feeling of indulgence, tastefulness and femininity to what is already a luxury. Custom Rolex watches for women are another luxury among themselves.

As a result, for inexperienced buyers, the process can be somewhat daunting and it can be difficult to know where to start. To help out, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to buying ladies’ Rolex watches with diamond bezels, so that you can purchase the luxury watch you have always wanted, or make additions to a watch you already own.

Diamond Bezel Variations

The first thing to understand about diamond bezels on Rolex watches is that there are a number of different variations to choose from and each of these styles produces a different final aesthetic.

1. Diamond Set Bezel

Diamond set bezels feature a modest number of diamonds, which are set onto the bezel in a pattern. With these watches, the bezel itself is still highly visible and the diamonds serve to enhance it. This is usually the cheapest option for adding diamonds to custom Rolex watches.

2. Full Diamond Bezel

Full diamond bezels are, as the same recommends, bezels which are fitted with diamonds the way around. This is generally accomplished using a bezel embed. As opposed to the past variety, with full diamond bezels the diamonds overwhelm the whole bezel and the material underneath is scarcely visible.

3. Baguette Diamond Bezel

Some Rolex models accompany baguette diamond bezels, with 'baguette' alluding to the cut of diamonds. While most diamonds used on Rolex watches and other adornments are round cut, loaf cut diamonds are restricted and rectangular fit as a fiddle. This gives the bezels a somewhat different aesthetic from other diamond models.

4.Diamond Bezel and Diamond Hour Markers

For the individuals who need something more luxurious, there are additionally custom Rolex watches accessible with a mix of a diamond bezel and diamond hour markers. This is a more costly choice, because of the quantity of diamonds being used, but the use of diamonds on the dial and bezel make the watches look significantly more luxurious.

5. Diamond Bezel and All Diamond Dial

Perhaps the most lavish of all the available options, this is the option for those who wish to make a really bold statement. In addition to diamonds on the bezel, the entire dial is decorated with diamonds. As you would expect, however, this significantly adds to the price.

Factory vs Aftermarket Custom Diamond Bezels

When seeking a diamond bezel Rolex, one of the most important decisions to make is whether you want factory diamonds, installed at the Rolex factory, or aftermarket custom diamonds, which are applied to your watch after purchase, by a specialist. First, it is important to understand what the difference really means. As a company, Rolex specialize in luxury watches, not luxury jewellery, and this, combined with the fact that you are paying for the Rolex name itself, means that factory diamonds are the more expensive option. By contrast, aftermarket diamonds are cheaper, even when dealing with the exact same quality and number of diamonds. With that being said, for some buyers, there is value in having a watch that is entirely and authentically created by Rolex, without any modifications. In many cases, watches with diamonds from the Rolex factory also have higher value on the second hand market. Nevertheless, aftermarket is a more affordable option for the same end product.

Women Rolex Watch Materials

Among all custom Rolex watches, diamond bezels are available in an immense number of ladies' models, made from an entire wide range of case materials. In that capacity, purchasers have the decision of diamond bezels on watches developed from the accompanying materials, which are all accessible from Jewelry Unlimited:

  • 18k Rose Gold (Everose)
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Platinum
  • Two-Tone (Rolesor) Yellow Gold/Stainless Steel
  • Two-Tone (Rolesor) Rose Gold/Stainless Steel

Women Rolex Watches With a Diamond Bezel

Beneath, we have aggregated a rundown of the different Rolex ladies' models that are accessible with custom or processing plant diamond bezels. A portion of these watches are devoted ladies' models, while others are in fact classed as men's watches, but are prominent with ladies. To help, we have additionally given connects to watches on the Jewelry Unlimited online store:

1. Rolex Datejust and Lady-Datejust

The Datejust and Lady-Datejust lines are two of the most popular Rolex collections for those seeking diamond bezels. The Lady-Datejust range is available with 26mm, 28mm, 29mm and 31mm case sizes is a dedicated ladies’ range, while the 36mm Datejust and even the 41mm Datejust II have become popular oversized models.

2. Rolex Day-Date President

Another famous collection, the Day-Date President has turned out to be particularly chic among ladies as of late, because of the present pattern of ladies like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham settling on bigger models. Models extend from 36mm to 41mm and are accessible in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

3. Rolex Pearlmaster

A collection aimed especially towards ladies, all Rolex Pearlmaster watches are studded with valuable diamonds or jewels. An assortment of choices are accessible, including full diamond bezels, diamond dial markers, and full diamond dials. Sizes extend from 29mm to 39mm and the watches have uncommon Pearlmaster Bracelets, with five-piece links.

4. Rolex Cellini

Once more, the Rolex Cellini is actually too large to be viewed as an exemplary ladies' timepiece, but with current form drifts, its 39mm case diameter makes it a viable option nonetheless. The collection itself pays tribute to traditional watchmaking, but the addition of diamonds can help to give it a slightly more modern edge.

5. Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is a sports watch, which was built considering the necessities of racing drivers, but it is additionally a beautiful timepiece. Besides, with diamonds included, the models in the accumulation go up against an additional feeling of extravagance. With the correct material blends, it is conceivable to purchase a Daytona with a clear feminine side.

6. Jewel Set (Non-Diamond) Sapphire and Rubies Bezels

Also, there are various watch alternatives which have been set with valuable diamonds like rubies and sapphires. In spite of the fact that these are really non-diamond timepieces, they frequently get assembled in with custom rolex watches watches, because they still include the addition of valuable materials to add extra extravagance, glamour or sophistication.

Bracelet Options: Oyster, Jubilee, President, Pearlmaster

As well as the choice of different diamond options and different case materials, buyers also have a variety of bracelet options to choose from. These include the Oyster bracelet, which is the most popular option thanks to its durability, and the Jubilee bracelet, which makes a watch look more like fine jewellery.

The President bracelet, introduced in 1956, was created for the Rolex Day-Date and features three-piece links, while Pearlmaster bracelets were introduced for use with watches of the same name and are another good option for those who want their watch to look more like a piece of jewellery than a traditional watch.

Rolex Datejust Factory vs. Custom Diamond Bezel COMPARISON

Just to make it unmistakable: Both have REAL diamonds in comparative size, quality and amount, but the dial and bezel for the Lady Datejust on the left has been delivered by the Rolex Factory and assembled that path in the Rolex Factory. The dial and bezel for the Lady Datejust on the correct were created by a different organization and added to an essential Datejust Model by a specialist swiss watchmaker.

Original Rolex Diamond Pricing Vs Aftermarket Diamond Pricing

The price of the factory original you’re looking at $15,950 from a Rolex retailer. You may get it for lower from us. With the aftermarket what we’ve done is we’ve taken the base model, the Datejust, which is the 178240, and we’ve added the aftermarket diamond bezel and diamond dial for your custom Rolex watch. All the parts are still the same, bracelets are still the same, crown, case, movement, everything is factory original. The only difference is the bezel and the dial.

Original Rolex Diamonds Vs Aftermarket Diamonds

So here are some differences. The Rolex bezel has in total 48 diamonds. You’re looking at diamonds that are at least IF in clarity, meaning internally flawless, so you’ll need a magnification above times 10 to see any mishaps with the diamonds. Additionally, the diamonds are D to G in color, which means the diamonds are almost colorless, which is one of the four highest grades of color. So very high quality diamonds on the Rolex. Unfortunately, the one thing they don’t release is the carat weight of it. They only put the pricing on their price list on their website. For the aftermarket diamonds, however, you’re looking at a diamond bezel with 42 set diamonds looking at under one carat in carat weight for the diamonds. The diamond dials, just very simple, very similar. The diamond hour markers are fashioned in 18 carat white gold to prevent any tarnishing. As you can kind of tell, a little bit of difference there that the diamonds in the factory Rolex are a little bit larger as you can see the settings in the aftermarket are larger, the white gold is larger in the aftermarket opposed to the factory. So those are the real differences between the two, the bezels and the dials.

Original Rolex Dial Colors versus Custom Rolex Watch Dial Colors

With reference to the color, there are different choices, and several choices for dial color. It’s really up to you. We can do all sorts of colors for the aftermarket, whereas the Rolex factory for specifically diamond hour markers and diamond bezel you can only get it in the pink, black, blue, white or brown mother of pearl, or silver. Our two most popular ones for aftermarket is white mother of pearl and a meteorite. So very beautiful two different types of dials. Rather the meteorite you cannot purchase at Rolex, so that’s another choice that’s a good option to explore as well.

Unique Factory Rolex Or Custom Aftermarket: Conclusion

Alright, so it’s up to you if you want to decide if that $6,000, almost $6,000 in difference is really worth it to you to get the factory versus the aftermarket. With $6,000 you can get the aftermarket for your wife and you can buy yourself a used Rolex Submariner and you’ll both be happy. Whereas only your wife will be happy if you buy her just the Datejust factory, right? Once again, everything about the two Datejust are the same; the movement, case, bracelet, crown, everything is the same except for the bezel and the dial. We have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer free shipping and a one year warranty.

Upgrade Your Existing Rolex To Custom Rolex Watch

If you already have a Rolex watch and might want to add a diamond bezel to it, Jewelry Unlimited offers this administration. We will happily modify your watch and will use precisely the same and number of diamonds you would get if you had purchased the model specifically from the Rolex manufacturing plant. We can modify a large number of Rolex watches and changes are not confined to the bezel alone – we are additionally ready to add diamonds to your timepiece dial as well. To discover more about this administration, and start the way toward breathing new life into your current watch.