A pendant is more than just a little piece of jewelry and it has the ability to enhance the elegance and beauty. A pendant is an elegant piece of jewelry and it can be worn with any look. It comes in various designs. They are the most dazzling ornaments of jewelry worn by both men and women. Over the years, heart pendant necklaces have become very important. Love cannot be measured, but it can surely be expressed in a stylish way with heart pendants being one of the ways to do so.


   The heart motif is extremely important and powerful when it appears in any form of jewelry. The heart, in general, is the seat to the human mind, the center of one's body and soul, It refers to the ideals of friendship, devotion, and affection. The heart jewelry refers to the deep, romantic and enduring love. It was the relationship between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson which made the heart symbol to love. Wallis Simpson received a heart charm as a gift and it is from there that hearts were used in jewelry as a form of affection. The heart pendant in contemporary times consists of the same motifs as the heart has represented since centuries. Women usually love the heart-shaped pendants.

  Regardless of whether these heart-shaped pieces of jewelry are made of silver or gold, they relatively make the same impression. People buy them as gifts for the person that we love as it symbolizes an unbreakable connection. Pendants add a charm to your jewelry collection. A gold chain accompanied by a beautiful pendant is all you need to enhance the beauty of your neck. Women love to have a large collection of exquisite gold pendants designed to perfection.

Why Choose the Heart?

  The heart has long been recognized as a symbol of love, charity, joy, and compassion in all the major cultures. In ancient Greece, the heart sign was associated with Eros, the god of love and desire. In the Modern Era, the interpretation has become more generalized as simply representing a loving emotion.

We understand that you don’t need a lesson on romance but gifts of heart-themed jewelry are all about love, romance and showing how much someone actually means to you. Heart shapes can also convey innocence, endearment and familial love. The heart pendant is worn to express all the following symbols as mentioned above. It is normally common amongst young boys and girls and is worn close to the heart. The heart pendant has various patterns and designs to choose from. At Jewelry Unlimited, we offer a wide variety of patterns and designs to choose from depending upon your preference. The heart pendant also has many different types of designs you can choose from. In order to make it even more interesting, we make sure to add as much depth in it as possible.

Designs You Should Consider

    Hopefully, by now, we’ve convinced you to buy a heart pendant (or two) for your loved one. Now, there’s the question of the design. What should you look at when buying heart pendants? We’ve got some ideas for you. Heart Pendant Designs to Consider
 If you’re in the mood of more research into crafting a unique heart pendant for your loved ones then we’ve got some design suggestions for you. Discover our heart pendant designs as well as our custom layering service which is bound to impress your loved ones and also create a unique heart pendant design for them.

10K White Gold Heart Dolphin Diamond

One such design is the famous crystal White Gold heart Dolphin pendant which is usually in White Gold. Crystal is widely used in jewelry and is the symbol of elegance and poise. It shows opulence and luxury. Crystal comes in various colors such as green, pink, purple, blue, pink, red, etc. Normally, people who choose to get a crystal heart pendant in silver make sure that the crystal they chose is of lighter color that goes with the silver, exaggerating upon its elegance with silver. Light purple and pink are often a very popular choice.

14K rose gold real diamond pendant

      Rolex makes their own gold. While they have suppliers for steel (Rolex still works the steel in-house to make every one of the parts), all the gold and platinum is made in-house. 24k gold comes into Rolex and it is transformed into 18k yellow, white, or Rolex Everose gold (their non-blurring form of 18k rose gold).

If the budget is no constraint, then using a Diamond Solitaire Heart Pendant is also a very good idea. It is the epitome of expressing your love in an exquisite way. The heart is the heart pendant that can be studded with diamonds. It can also be made from a diamond and have other smaller studded diamond stones around them. To be more creative, or to have a much friendlier budget, you can also make the heart from ruby, sapphire or any other such expensive gemstone and then have smaller diamonds around it as well.

10k Two-toned Real Diamond Pendant

 A puffy heart-shaped gold pendant just like our 10k Two-Toned Diamond Pendant is also a common design in the category of heart pendants. Although it is old, traditional and too mainstream it does not go out of fashion at all. Various sizes and shapes can be easily found in this design. If you have been wondering and having a hard time finding something perfect to gift your loved one then puffy heart-shaped gold pendant like the is the answer. It is plain and simple and does not need anything else. The simplicity of it looks elegant. Also, these days gold comes with various color options so you don’t just stick to the golden. There is rose gold and white gold as well. Gold does not lose its color that fast, and if it does it can be polished again which restores its beauty. The size of the gold heart pendant can vary. It can be small and big or of a medium-size depending upon your preferences. Sometimes, the heart in the pendant is plain. Whereas, at other times people inscribe a design such as a floral one unto it. This inscription is also in gold. It is a plain gold necklace with a gold chain as well. The chain color and metal can also vary but people prefer it to be of the same color as the heart.

14K White Gold Side-Ways Arrow Diamond Fashion Necklace Pendant


An arrow heart pendant is also a very popular choice. It is usually a simple plain, a silver pendant. The heart is studded with diamonds around them and is plain silver, with an arrow either on the side or in between. The middle of the heart is empty and normally there is just a single outline of the heart. Sometimes, the pendant used is plain silver and diamond. Other times, instead of diamond crystals or other precious stones are used in the outline. The silver heart pendant with arrow draws the attention of the people towards the pendant. It is an eye-catcher and makes you the showstopper of the show. The locket pattern can be a perfect heart pendant you chose for your beloved. It signifies commitment and a promise that you are not willing to let go of. It even looks elegant with whatever you wear, even when you decide to look casual.

14K White Yellow Gold Real Diamond Double Heart Pendant

It has been said that Rolex has absurd standards for the materials it purchases from its suppliers. This incorporates things like metals and in addition valuable stones, for example, precious stones, rubies, and emeralds. Rolex has an enormous gemological office whose objective it is to purchase, test, organize, and set jewels and different valuable stones in a range of Rolex models. Something they do is check incoming stones to guarantee that they are genuine. Using x-beams for instance, they can test jewels to guarantee they aren't fake.

A double heart pendant with chain is a unique style to wear. These extensively used designs are one of their kinds and are mostly preferred by couples. They come in a wide range of designs and numerous patterns are available for you to choose from. Getting two hearts in one chain can showcase the tone of your own style statement. Historically, hands holding a heart took on different styles in the earlier and later time periods, and in different cultures. These designs also include entwined hearts that have connotations of ‘continuous everlasting love.’ The color of the chain also varies from silver and gold, even platinum. Rubies and sapphires are also sometimes placed in between these two hearts to show fidelity. Sometimes, double hearts are also placed under a crown in the chain. The crown can be both of gold, silver or stoned with either the tone. The sizes of the crown and the hearts can vary.

 A mesh design gold heart pendant is also unique and different. This mesh design gold heart pendant is very unique and stylish and is considered to be unisex. This design can be worn by both men and women. This design is also very antique and gained popularity over the years.

14K White Gold Side-Ways Arrow Diamond Fashion Necklace Pendant

      It has been said that Rolex has absurd standards for the materials it purchases from its suppliers. This incorporates things like metals and in addition valuable stones, for example, precious stones, rubies, and emeralds. Rolex has an enormous gemological office whose objective it is to purchase, test, organize, and set jewels and different valuable stones in a range of Rolex models. Something they do is check incoming stones to guarantee that they are genuine. Using x-beams for instance, they can test jewels to guarantee they aren't fake.

 A pave Heart Pendant is also a good choice. Pearls are considered to give a very rich and classic look. You can pair your heart pendant with pearl beads and your luxurious and classy looks can make people go head over heels for you. The shine of the pearls and the design of the heart can enhance the beauty of your chain around your neckline. You can even get creative with the color of the pearls you chose. It can be multi-colored; a mix of two or three colors and can even be a single color.

Other Designs

 Pendants are also found made entirely studded with diamonds. Mostly American diamonds are preferred for such spectacular designs. This pendant is fully covered with White American Diamonds and it has a special quality of reflecting light even at night which ultimately enhances its beauty. The American diamonds look dazzling when reflected in sunlight or high lights at night. The shine of a diamond-studded gold pendant is surely amazing and eye-catching. The heart is the heart pendant is studded with diamonds. The heart can be both of gold and silver and can dazzle from afar. Sometimes the heart pendant even has a name along with the chain.

 Apart from this, you can also choose to wear a flower heart pendant. You can get an elegant look just by wearing this piece of jewelry at any special occasion. The highly finished heart pendant with a crystal flower gives you a touch of elegance in your style. It gives a very floral touch to your look. The flower is either in the middle of the heart, in the side or with the heart.

The Silver chain with a key heart pendant. Blending the modernity and class with a hint of elegance perfectly is something that only the key heart pendant can bring. You can flaunt it around at parties, functions and all different special occasions. It can be a perfect present for someone’s special day, in other words, something very special for someone very special.

Ace the Layering Game

Jewelry Unlimited guarantees to provide you with the suavest and appealing piece of art and when you layer your necklaces and beautiful pendants you can just steal the limelight easily, just the way famous rappers like Offset, Quavo, etc do it, just put in your favorite necklaces and you will yourself feel the magic happening to you.