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Engagement rings are the most significant piece of jewelry anyone would ever buy. It holds a very important place in everyone’s life. Engagement rings are not just a symbol of elegance, poise or a piece of jewelry or a tag showing your relationship. It is much more than that. It symbolizes commitment and promise of responsibility and love. It shows a new beginning and celebrates the union of two people coming together. For many parts of the world, the ring also represents the coming of two families together. Such is the sacredness attached to it. It is a piece of jewelry that refers to a lot more than just wealth and opulence. No matter how big or small, it’s significance cannot be reduced. For many people, the presence of an engagement ring is more than enough and the size of it does not matter much.
However, for something as sacred as an engagement ring, it is important to make sure that the ring is perfect. The style of the ring plays a major role in showcasing the commitment you have made. Many people decide their rings based on this belief that the ring the engagement bears a resemblance to the ideals it represents.


Jewelry Unlimited is a jeweler’s company that makes sure that you get what you want for your big day. The engagement sets the premise for the functions of the wedding it follows. It marks the beginning of a life filled with love from your beloved. Jewelry Unlimited makes sure that you get what you desire. Our aim is to make sure that we deliver on the promise you wish to do so. Engagement rings are the only jewelry that you will perhaps wear for the rest of your life.

Hence, it is important you pick the right one by giving in thought and time to your purchase. Personal preferences must be taken into account while getting an engagement ring. Jewelry Unlimited makes sure that you get a ring that gives away the genuineness that is there inside.

Types of Engagement Rings

There are many types of engagement rings and bridal rings. First, are the Solitaires that is derived from the French culture of elegance and poise. The Solitaires is the type of ring where one stone is set on a plain band. The band can be silver or gold. Sometimes, there are even smaller stones of diamond-studded around one big stone. They are even placed in the band sometimes. There are also rings that consist of three or five stones of the same shape and size. Sometimes, they are even different from one another. Sometimes, they have a round stone in the center which is surrounded by two smaller stones on either side. Many people chose to be creative with this kind of engagement ring. Sometimes, they put in stones that are completely different from one another. Cluster rings are also a very popular choice of engagement rings. In this type of a ring, stones are surrounded in a ‘clustered shape’. Usually smaller stones are clustered together. Apart from this, there are also ‘band-like’ rings. These sit low on the finger. They are usually simple but represent the utmost grace and elegance. They can be both diamonds and colored stones of different widths or sizes put together, like a band. Sometimes, the stones are of the same size or are graduated in size. There is no center stone. These rings sometimes don’t even have stones and are instead, plain silver or gold with spots of gems. People also prefer to have colored gemstone rings. These are not that popular. Such a type of ring is usually paired with a diamond to offer a contrast with the color of the main stone.

Bands to Choose From

The bands used in the engagement ring can vary between gold or silver. Sometimes, the precious metal is used instead. Platinum is a popular choice as it is durable and pure. This makes it hypoallergenic for those who have sensitive skin. The band of the ring is very important as the engagement ring is a piece of jewelry; you wear every day and can’t be taken off once it is worn. The comfort of the ring also lies in the band you chose to wear. Hence, it is important. Make sure that the band you chose is comfortable for you and your partner. Gold is also a popular choice and it comes with a variety of options to choose from. At Jewelry Unlimited, we offer a variety of gold colors to choose from. These include; white, yellow, rose, golden and even green. Rose gold and white gold are rare choices but its uniqueness adds beauty to the ring. This has made it gain momentum. Palladium is also a good choice for a ring band. It has a grayer hue than platinum which adds a very silvery touch to the ring. Unlike silver, palladium does not turn black fast nor does it lose color, or become rusty.

Choosing Your Ring Style for the Right Occasion

The style of the ring is very important and at Jewelry Unlimited, we make sure we guide our customers with the style that will suit their partner and them. For choosing a style, it is important to make sure that you are aware of your partners' choice of style and fashion sense. The engagement ring you choose will be on your partner’s hand every day for many years, if not for the rest of their lives. Most people don’t like having to remove the ring for work, sports or hobbies — so you have to think about how the ring will fit into what they do each day.

There are three types of styles; modern & contemporary, Classical & traditional, Vintage, Art Deco, Victorian and Georgian. Each of these differs in style and shows a preference of a mutual taste. No matter how different you and your partner are from each other, it is a ring that shows agreement. Sometimes, a blend of two different preferences can create something unique or very different than the usual.

Modern and Contemporary styles of an engagement ring can tell for how long have they been married for. This happens as modern styles keep changing with time. These days, three stone engagement rings are very popular along with rose gold. These three stones in the engagement ring usually refer to the passage of time; past, present, and future. You can use fancy colors for the outer stones. Each diamond represents a window of time. The triple circle diamond ring is also a popular choice in contemporary design. These three circles also refer to the passage of time as the three stone engagement ring does.

Twisted bands are also a very popular style of contemporary preference for engagement rings. They give you the option of sticking to the classic engagement style of having a single diamond or stone in between. However, in this case, the band is twisted and stone is studded in between that round cut. This even adds a two-dimensional effect to the rings. The combination of the twisted band with the modern-days settings gives a promising, fashionable and authentic look. Settings that are becoming more popular are the pave setting, tension setting, and even the invisible setting. Apart from this, these days engraving the ring is also becoming more and more popular. Laser engravers are now able to engrave smaller more intricate letters and designs into the ring. The rings with a thick band are considered to be the best suitable rings for engraving works. Date and name are most commonly engraved in the ring. The preference of a vintage style ring means that first, you are aware of the difference that is there between vintage and antique. Vintage is a piece that is at least twenty years old and can be defined as belonging to a specific style or design aesthetic. Antique usually refers to a piece that is older than a hundred years and carries extra value simply for its historical significance.

The features of a vintage style rings are inspired by the era of the late 1800s to the 1960s. Milgrain detailing, filigree cutouts, diamonds or gemstone halos, floral engraving, or pave diamond setting are some examples of a vintage style engagement ring. They even consist of organic engraving and geometric patterns with embellishments and bright colors which bring out an opulent touch. Clusters of stones and mounted bezels on the bands of the engagement ring are also some of the followed styles which are popular. Vintage engagement rings usually have natural and organic gems that are intricated in shapes.

Apart from diamonds, other precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, agates, garnets, pearls, topaz, and black onyx are also used in vintage engagement rings with hand-engraved inscriptions. Whatever style you choose there is no compulsion that the stones used must be diamond. It highly depends on your personal preference and at Jewelry Unlimited, we make sure that our clients get what they want instead of what they should get based upon the fashion which is there.

The Specialty of Jewelry Unlimited- It is also unlimited!

Jewelry Unlimited also has a wide range of Victorian style engagement rings. The Victorian era began the Romantic jewelry period and in today's time, they have managed to live up to the symbols of luxury and romance. These wedding-rings normally consist of a large, bright gemstone that is placed at the center of the delicately crafted edges, in order to show off the stone’s glory and what it represents. These gemstones usually are amethyst, amber, bloodstone, pearl, garnet, chalcedony agate, ruby, smoky quartz, and topaz. These stones are all symbols of wealth and luxury that not everyone can afford. Sometimes, these engagement rings are made with materials that are not so popular, for instance, ivory, coral or tortoiseshell. The center stone is also featured either on the rose cut or old European Diamond Cuts. Rose-cut diamonds are hand-carved and therefore quite rare. It features 3-24 triangular facets, peaking into a rose shape, resembling the soft curve of a rose. The old European cut features 58 facets and is considered the predecessor of the round brilliant diamond. But what makes this cut unique is the intention with which it was created—to be worn in low candlelight where they produce a stunning glow, unmatched by any other cut. Bold designs such as elaborate Celtic-inspired knots and twists are also included in the Victorian style. The Art Deco design is also a popular choice for engagement rings. These rings feature ribbons, swirls and floral designs that are combined with geometric shapes. Usually, white gold or platinum is used for such styled engagement rings. The cuts are large, have open tables. The cuts are triangular, baguettes cuts and even emerald cut. Sometimes large diamonds are used and other times the ring consists of gemstones like; emeralds, sapphires, jade, black onyx, rubies, crystal, and pearl. Symmetry, feminine swirls, and lacy filigree flows are also some typical designs found in Art Deco. The ring typically features the edges that are served as a textured frame, emphasizing the beauty of the center stone. Along with the style, it is important to make sure that the sizing of the ring is right. Clarity is also an important factor and it refers to the number of inclusions that are there in the ring. Inclusions are tiny carbon particles, the lesser they are the better the ring is. At Jewelry Unlimited, we make sure that our stones have fewer carbon particles for your jewelry to be authentic and brilliant. The carat is also an important factor as it contains the weight of the ring. The most important aspect of engagement rings is the warranty they have. Since engagement rings are about a lifetime, it is important to make sure that you have a warranty that can help you make changes if you like with the course of time. Jewelry Unlimited makes sure that your ring has a warranty and is certified with authentic stones and metals used. The authenticity of the stone is important and we make sure all our materials are.

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